The Sylvan Union School District requires all school volunteers to complete a volunteer application process in order to be a school and classroom volunteer as well as participate in school field trips. For details, please see below:

Volunteer Screening Procedures.pdf

Upcoming Schedule of Volunteer Workshops

9/11 -- 9:30am

9/13 -- 6:30pm

9/14 -- 1:15pm

9/17 -- 9:30am

9/20 -- 6:30pm

9/21 -- 1:15pm

9/26 -- 9:30am

9/27 -- 1:15pm

Parents who wish to volunteer in their child's class should speak with the teacher first to be sure there are volunteer openings.

For students who started on the first day of school, the deadline for completing a workshop is Friday, September 28, 2018.