Child Care

Child care opportunities are offered to all Sylvan District students, Kindergarten through Grade 8.

The experienced staff provides a nurturing, child-centered environment in a setting.

The Kindergarten Program focuses on enrichment with emphasis on language development, creative arts, large and small motor skills, reading, math, and science. The children are involved daily with organized outdoor activities, learning centers, social interactive sessions, hands-on science, and art.

The Afternoon Program offers a time for homework, creative art expression, language development, recreational games, science, and games that focus on social skills.

The children are actively involved in a variety of fun and educational projects.

The Summer Break Program offers a variety of activities throughout the day.

The children are involved daily with organized inside and outside games, art expression, and educational projects.

If you would like further information or wish to sign up your student for the Sylvan Child Care Program,

please call Sarah Calderon (Supervisor of Child Care) at 574-5306 or E-Mail at