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Medical/Emergency Information

At Crossroads Elementary, our goal is to keep our children safe and healthy.

Each year, parents will receive a Student Emergency Contact (SEC) form that is to be completed and returned by the parents/guardians. The form contains information such as student name, parent/guardian contact phone numbers, emergency contact phone numbers, student’s physician and dentist information, medical information, and parent's/guardian's preference as to whether they would like their student to receive blood transfusions or blood products in case of an emergency.  As you can see, this information is a very important communication tool between parents/guardians, Crossroads Elementary, and emergency personnel:

  • Parent/Guardian Information:  This section is to designate the parent/guardian information for each student, including stepparents, foster parents, etc. with names and phone numbers.
  • Additional/Emergency Contact:  This section is to designate additional adults who can be contacted in case a parent/guardian cannot be reached.
  • Medical Information:  It is very important that you include information on your student's health problems/allergies.  
    • Medication: A "Request for Medication" form must be completed and filed in the school office in order for your student to have medication at school.  This also includes "over the counter" medications for headaches, coughs, etc.  Medications must be brought to school by the parent or guardian of the student with the signed medical form and must be in their original container with current information. The medication may not be taken to the classroom nor kept with the child unless indicated by the doctor on the medical form. Please contact the school nurse if you have any questions or concerns about your child's medical needs.
      • IMPORTANT:  Items such as cough drops, medicated eye drops, antibiotics, etc. also require a "Request for Medication" form.  Please DO NOT send your child to school with these items as it is against district policy.
    • Blood Transfusions/Blood Products:  In an extreme emergency situation where your student is taken to the nearest emergency facility, it is also important that you indicate whether or not you give permission to have your student receive a blood transfusion or blood product. 
Contact/Telephone Changes/Updates:  If you have any changes in your phone number or in the emergency contacts you have designated, please let us know immediately either by telephone or sending a note with your child. It is very important that we are able to get in touch with you, a friend, or relative in the event of an emergency.

Address Changes:  If you have an address change, please bring in two address verification items that have your name and the new address on them such as:  mortgage/rental statement, PG&E bill, City of Riverbank water bill, telephone bill (not cellular), etc.